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Walk yo pet

Walk your new puppy while going on a walk or run yourself. Your pet gets exercise when you get exercise!

Play Time

Set daily workout goals for yourself. Reach checkpoints along the way and reward your pet with play time!

Treat Yo Pet

Set goals for how many calories to burn. When you reach checkpoints within your goal your puppy earns treats!

We are able to keep up with all this data with the help of Health Kit. Which is where all the data all the fitness data from the watch is stored. The accelerometer on the watch combines the heart rate monitor, pedometer and movement monitor to tell you how many how fast you were moving, how far you went and how many calories you've burned.

Our Goal

Did you have a Tamagotchi when you were younger? We know a lot of people who did. People loved getting to take care of it. When we were brainstorming ideas for how to get out there and motivate someone to exercise, we thought, what about a pet? And thus Pet Steps was born! Pet Steps is the virtual pet conveniently located on your wrist via the Apple Watch. Enjoy seeing your pet grow while maintaining your health!

If you want to download Pet Steps we have provided all the Xcode files so you can do that.


We want to show the process of developing this app and to do that we have made all our documents from Capstone available to you here.

Team Contract

This document defines how our team will work together and how we will treat each other.

Project Proposal

The project proposal is a description of our app even before we started building it. Also here is the invidual research we did for the proposal.

Carley Gainous, Anna Hensley, Samantha Woo and Ina Zapryanova

Project Presentations

We present these projects in front of our class every month and our first presentation was our project proposal. We presented our final presentation at SLAM.

We created a beta presentation this semester and here is the IPhone and Apple Watch

Here are a few documents that help to explain Pet Steps even further. This is the blog post, the Project Poster, the Flyer and finally the promo video.

our amazing team

Carley Gainous

App Developer
Cairo, GA
Advertising Major

Anna Hensley

Web Developer
Magazine Journalism Major

Samantha Woo

Technical Researcher
Cumming, GA
Art X Major

Ina Zapryanova

Graphic Designer
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Art X Major

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